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The first time Munthe was established - under the name Muntheplussimonsen - was in 1994, and since since then, the Danish brand has been through a rapid development. In 2014, Munthe was relaunched again by the designer Naja Munthe, who has once again got a good grip on the Danish and international fashion scene.

The inspiration for Munthe's designs often comes from the many trips to both exotic countries and large metropolises. This is reflected in the beautiful collections, which are particularly known for their high quality and many refined finesse. The style is simple and can therefore be worn both everyday and for more festive events. You will find, among other things, styles in our Munthe sale, which are Scandinavian inspired. Here you see relaxed silhouettes with clear Nordic colors as well as designs with an exciting twist.

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Munthe is a recognized brand that many fashion- and style-conscious women love to wear every day. The brand's finesse lies both in the high quality and the combination of the raw and elegant, which gives a perfect look. The both relaxing and festive expression is admired by many women, regardless of whether it is dresses, skirts, blouses or trousers, and whether the clothes are to be worn everyday or for parties. The clothes also trace the beautiful Scandinavian nature. The color combinations are calm and the clothes are characterized by Nordic subdued silhouettes. One of the hallmarks of the Danish fashion designer is often associated with frills, lace and other feminine styles.

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The Danish design brand Munthe is known and loved by many Danish and international women. Munthe designs a successful combination of delicious, good-quality clothing with elements of both bohemian style and classic colors and prints. The delicious collections and designs from Munthe can best be recognized by their artistic, free-spirited, enthusiastic and contrasting designs. And the brand's strength lies not only in the fantastic designs, it also lies in the high quality of the clothes and the combination of the raw and deconstructed, which is paired with the refined and elegant. In short, Munthe is Danish design at its very best, and when you can also find all the delicious items and latest collections at outlet prices, it couldn't be better.

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Munthe's delicious designs bear the special characteristic that they must be comfortable. Among other things, the delicious sweaters from Munthe have a unique and relaxed look, which can be dressed up and toned down exactly as you like, and therefore they can be used for any occasion. Mix and match your favorite styles with trousers from Munthe on sale and achieve the perfect look by pairing printed statement trousers with a nice shirt or top from Munthe on sale. With the Munthe dress sale, you have the opportunity to go straight from everyday to party. The dresses are unique with their beautiful prints and fine details. Dress up the Munthe dress with fine accessories and get ready for an evening out, or complete your look with a delicious Munthe jacket. Regardless of how you choose to style your fashion item, your wardrobe will love you for investing in Munthe sales. This brand gives you the opportunity to bring your basic items back to life and to achieve a feeling of top quality, while expressing your very personal style with good Munthe offers.

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